The Come Back Effect


Anticipate the guest's need and then participate in meeting their need.

Getting first-time guests to return is the key to growth as a church, youth ministry, or business. And as any good manager of a hotel, a store, a restaurant, or an attraction knows, the key to getting guests to come back is not the rooms or the product or the food itself; it's how guests feel when they're there. It's about hospitality.

No matter how much effort and time we spend on excellence--stirring worship time, inspiring sermons, a good coffee blend in the foyer--what our guests want when they come to our churches is to feel welcome, comfortable, and understood.

The Come Back Effect shows leaders the secret to helping a first-time guest return again and again. Through an engaging, story-driven approach, they explain how service and hospitality are two different things, show how Jesus practiced hospitality, and invite leaders to develop and implement changes that lead to repeat visits and, eventually, to sustained growth.

Foreword by Andy Stanley, Founder and Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries.
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