It's time to spark change within your organization. Together, let's catch fire and create a plan that inspires leaders and helps your organization thrive. All of these offerings are available as in-person or virtual opportunities.


Practical. Engaging. Humorous.

“Jason’s down-to-earth, fun, and inspiring communication style will at the same time engage you and motivate you.” – Jerry, Life.Church

Before the event, I will take time to listen to your goals and gain an understanding of your audience. From there, I will build a presentation that will be professionally delivered with passion, humor, energy, and applicable next steps.

Let’s work together to connect how your audience thinks and spark inspiration that clarifies actionable change. My job is to elevate your outstanding leadership, ignite growth, and leave your team and audience inspired.


Customized. Relationally-driven. Motivational.

“Through coaching, Jason influenced my team leaders in a positive way. Our leaders find themselves understanding leadership better and finding ways to help others grow.” – Steve, Chick-fil-A

If you want to elevate your own influence, invest in your staff, or develop new hires, my customized approach to coaching is offered in a 1-on-1 capacity or I am available to work with entire departments and teams.

In the process, I will guide you through practical leadership principles to build better relationships, and offer helpful solutions that cast a vision for rediscovering what it means to lead thriving organizations. Find your spark again.


Evaluate. Create. Execute.

“Jason helped us combine our corporate goals and that of the customers we served. He was able to connect with the key stakeholders to help us build our plan.” – Andrew, Ford Motor Company

Sometimes, all it takes is welcoming in a new voice to assess blind spots and design a plan that will elevate your guest experiences and build a strong staff culture. Together, I will work alongside you and your team to analyze organizational challenges, develop actionable plans and ultimately, elevate your leadership to spark valuable change.

Design remarkable experiences for your guests, develop operational excellence, and define company values with consulting practices.


Interactive. Practical. Fun.

“Jason is both motivational and relatable, using life experiences to lead listeners on a journey of self-awareness and exploration.” – Tracy, RangeWater Real Estate

Investing in your volunteers, staff, or company has a valuable impact on organizational growth. My workshops are designed to educate, empower, and motivate with practical insights that will apply throughout large corporations or churches of any size.

These workshops are created with your goals in mind. Whether you’re looking to create a remarkable guest experience, recruit more volunteers, or gain an understanding of the employees you lead, we will collaborate with you and offer a workshop experience that fits your needs so everyone walks away with momentum and a plan.

Tailored workshops include:

  • The Come Back Effect Workshop – Discover how to build a culture that honors guests, be proactive about how you want guests to think and feel about your organization, and empower your team to serve in a place of best fit.
  • The Volunteer Effect Workshop – Understand how to get more volunteers by identifying effective language and emotion that appeals to potential volunteers, onboarding and training with a plan, and intentionally developing leaders.
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop – Learn how to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions and build brilliant alliances with others by managing those relationships that lead to being healthier, happier, and becoming a top performer.
  • The Come Back Culture Workshop – Discover how to build a hospitable team, create moments that impress, better understand your guests so you can anticipate needs, and recover quickly when things go wrong.