The Come Back Culture


Create a culture your guests will love.

Everything equal, customers choose whether they will return based on the feeling they get when interacting with your brand. Research reveals that many customers will go through the trouble of switching brands due to a bad customer experience.

Great businesses know how to make a customer feel seen, understood, and valued. Those satisfied customers trust you more and come back--and they tell their friends.

Backed by plenty of on-the-ground research and illustrated with real-life examples, The Come Back Culture shows you how to create an experience that keeps people coming back for more. It shows you how to:

  • build a hospitable team
  • know your guest
  • create moments that impress
  • recover quickly when things go wrong
  • and more

  • Whether you offer a service or a product online or at a physical location, you can use the principles in this book to turn your customers into raving fans of your business who not only spend their money but continue to spread awareness of your brand.

    Foreword by Horst Schulze, Cofounder, Former President, and COO, The Ritz-Carlton Company.
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