Flash Paper #4

Flash Paper #4May 3, 2022


Beginning something new brings fear and excitement. That’s me right now!

I am launching again what you signed up to receive – a practical resource organized in a way that helps you. Formerly known as Saturday Rundown, I want to introduce you to Flash Papers. Why the change? I changed the website to catchfiredaily.com and want to brand a resource that fits well. Where did I get the name? Flash paper quickly ignites when touched by fire or an extreme heat source. In case you are a visual learner, here is a 19-second video showing flash paper being used.

May Flash Papers ignite your heart and mind to make an intentional difference at home and work. Burn bright!



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11 Types of People You Need in Your Life



The Choreography of Customer Service 

Learn about the five core concepts to create a remarkable customer experience. Explore the idea of feedforward versus feedback and the benefits to everyone. Also, build a team to care for your guests as if you are planning a bank heist.

Shep Hyken / Audio / 29 minutes


Are You A Positive, Contagious Leader? 

What if you have been told about being a great leader got interrupted by a new and well-researched idea? Charisma, influence, and innovative genius are words often associated with success, but positive relational energy is the greatest predictor of success as a leader.

Emma Seppala and Kim Cameron / Article / 7 minutes


Too Many Teams, Too Many Bosses

You work on a team, lead a team, or perhaps a solo worker that interacts with lots of teams. These teams can go well with numerous benefits. These teams can also go wrong.

Robert Sutton / Article / 19 minutes


The Art of Asking Spiritual Questions

What if you had a safe place with a safe group of people to ask deep and life-shaping questions? The focus of spiritual direction is one’s relationship with God. Imagine asking questions that help you understand God’s movement in your life.

Mary Kate Morse / Article / 7 minutes


5 Myths about Hospitality

There are certain ideas about hospitality you have heard and integrated into how you treat others. Explore what hospitality means and why it’s not a woman’s work.

Rosaria Butterfield / Article / 3 minutes


The Benefits of Rejection

Do people intentionally or unintentionally avoid specific moments because there is an element of rejection? Rejection, and the increased repetition of it, might be a secret element to help us with courage and resiliency.

Magna Gopal / Video / 18 minutes



One-Sentence Wisdom

“Deal with your emotions or your emotions will deal with you.”

Alex Howard, Author and Therapist



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15 Ways to Write Better (short eBook)

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