Flash Paper #3

Flash Paper #3March 16, 2022


I want to encourage you to put into action one or more of the following this week:

  • Be grateful – Think about your family, your work, your friends, and even God to identify someone or something you are thankful for today.
  • Celebrate –  Look around and vocalize a win that you and your team or family have accomplished over the past week.
  • Encourage someone – Use your words and presence to put fuel into someone’s emotional tank.


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Former Apple CEO on the Importance of Customer Experience

When Apple started, Steve Jobs and John Sculley wanted beautiful products and an experience, unlike any other company, would provide. Most companies were not thinking about experiences at that time, but Apple was and that priority became a part of the culture and not just an add-on.

Blake Morgan / Article / 2 minutes


Google Intentionally Shows Care for Employees to Avoid Burnout

Are you empathetically in touch with your employees? Google is and that is why they are telling their team members to take off a day from work to avoid burnout. They realize the workload has not only been different but so has living in general and that can be exhausting. Stay close to how your employees are feeling and then put bold action behind a decision that lets them feel seen.

Reseller / Article / 1 minute


Never Waste a Good Crisis

This season is full of disruptions. You know that by now. What if a disruption was an amplifier of growth? What if this moment in your life was full of opportunity camouflaged in pain, frustration, and even confusion?

Elizabeth Dixon / Article / 3 minutes


Strategic Hospitality

The hospitality that is strategic is more likely to be better hospitality. What does hospitality have to do with God and where exactly does it find its roots? How can you take biblical hospitality and make it strategic?

Desiring God / Video /  37 minutes


Closed Castles, Coronavirus, and Creating Anticipation

Thinking about the guest and making a decision with them in mind enhances every idea and an action step you and your team take. What if the season you are in provides you the chance to leverage the time to make the experience better? Yes, it will take work. Yes, it will be worth it.

Danny Franks / Article / 3 minutes


Can I Ever Trust You Again?

Will your church or business ever break trust with the guest? If you are normal, there is a good chance this will happen in some way. The good news is that it’s not all bad news. Trust can be restored. The big question is what are you willing to do to rebuild trust with a guest?

Jeremy Watkin / Article / 5 minutes


3 Thoughts for Leaders in Perilous Times

You are a leader. You are leading people in some challenging times. What can you do to genuinely help the people you are leading? Take time to avoid being impersonal, inconsistent, or fearful of trying something news. What people want from you might be something simple and simply human.

Chief Executive / Article / 2 minutes


Be the Best Decision Your Employees Ever Made

Your employee’s experience is critically important -center stage if you will. Every employee wants something to brag about. Give each team member something to be proud of even during crazy times like a pandemic. Build pride in your employees about who your company is and what you all are doing together.

John DiJulius III / Article / 4 minutes


Thoughts from a Virtual Church Guest

If you are a church and you provide your Saturday or Sunday services online, you might be tweaking things each week. Be proud that you are learning, adapting, and showing care. Have you thought about your online experiences from the perspective of a guest? Here are observations and practical ideas from a pastor of a Mennonite church during her mini-sabbatical.

Spacious Faith / Article / 3 minutes



One-Sentence Wisdom

“All of this pain, without any gain, would be such a shame.”
Andy Stanley, Author and Communicator



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