Flash Paper #2

Flash Paper #2March 14, 2022


My friend, Michael Lukaszewski, posted on LinkedIn thoughts I found helpful and want to share…

Three words we don’t use enough in our emails, announcements, pitches, presentations, and even sermons…

1. Because – people need to understand the reason behind the request

2. So – people need to know what to do next

3. Imagine – people need to be inspired about what could happen



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Enrich the Guest Experience by Enriching the Employee Experience

The temptation can be to focus on the guest first. However, what if focusing on the team member experience made the guest experience better?

Michelle MacCarthy / Article / 4 minutes


Is Initiative Fatigue Killing Your Organization?

Being busy is often the banner of success in today’s world, but it could cost you more than you think – personally and professionally.

Chris Green / Article / 3 minutes


Six Building Blocks of Culture

Creating a healthy culture outweighs even the best strategy. There are actually building blocks to help you intentionally build the team and organizational culture you want.

Michael Lukaszewski / Article / 2 minutes


How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Imposter syndrome is real. Nobody is immune. We often forget how competent we really are, and fall prey to feeling inadequate.

Tricia Sciortino / Article / 4 minutes


10 Customer Experience Influencers to Follow

There are some really good voices in the marketplace on how to create the best experiences for any guest walking in your doors or engaging with you online.

iAdvize / Article / 3 minutes


Want to Be a Truly Exceptional Leader?

Neuroscience has some insights on how you can turn challenging and fearful moments into a real, positive advantage.

Bill Murphy, Jr. / Article / 4 minutes


Lessons Learned as a Chief Customer Officer

Learning from others helps us in our current and future situations. Here are six key lessons this former executive learned while leading the customer experience at different organizations.

Jeanne Bliss / Article / 4 minutes


Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week

There are a lot of things and people coming at you demanding your attention. You are having to switch back and forth between them all. Avoid having your flow disrupted and productivity decreased when doing creative work.

Neil Pasricha / Article / 7 minutes



One-Sentence Wisdom

“The point of the story is that every single interaction, the most minute details of the interaction you have with your customer, is an opportunity for you to create something remarkable.”

Joey Coleman, Co-Host of Experience This!



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