Flash Paper #1

Flash Paper #1March 14, 2022


My thought on values is that you can place them on your wall and hope, often through forced behavior to represent them well, OR you can live your life and watch what values continually surface. For me, I chose the latter. If you carefully review your life, those few items that become a pattern of belief and behavior surface and remain on top. Those are your values.

My five values:

Faith – listen to God and do what He says
Family – we will love each other no matter what
Relationships – invest in people and help them grow
Passion – do what you love and forget the rest
Grit – lean into your work regardless of the pain

Value your life enough to review who you are, where you have been, and what you have done. From there, watch your values rise to the surface. When they do, value your values. They will be your guide.



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How to Build Your Organization’s Culture

Regardless of whether you work in a company or church, Jerry and Life Church do a remarkable job at building a culture for employees and guests. They have won the “Best Place to Work” by Glassdoor for many years. How?

Jerry Hurley / Video / 45 minutes


A Designer’s Approach to Change Management

You don’t see a lot of designers sitting at a change management table, but more of them should be present. The way they think and the tactics they employ are incredibly beneficial to the team and organization.

Dennis Hambeukers / Article / 12 minutes


Creating Memorable Experiences in A Post-Pandemic World

A few elements are being seen by and from customers. Some of those include trust, increased responsiveness, and live human interactions. Why are these important to understand?

Joseph Michelli / Article / 3 minutes


We Have New Ways of Working

Have you ever taken the time to understand how people work? What about how you work? During this season, you could have discovered the need to see personal and organizational growth. Exploring new ways of working could lead you to incredible growth.

Nick Pineda / Article / 8 minutes


Mapping the Hotel Customer Journey

Sometimes seeing how someone thinks and behaves inspires and challenges you to think differently. What if you could map out the entire guest experience at your church or business? When you nail down a plan, you help your team and guests win.

GuestTouch / Article / 18 minutes


The Secret Recipe of Servant Leadership

Well-known author and business executive, Cheryl Bachelder, epitomizes what it means to lead others by serving them well. Listen in as she talks about how she has led in times of promise and challenge.

Cheryl Bachelder / Audio / 31 minutes


How Reading Rewires Your Brain According to Neuroscience

Do you like or dislike reading? Or, maybe I should say you like to listen to an audiobook. There are short and long-term effects of reading on the brain. The positives might shock you!

Jessica Stillman / Article / 3 minutes



One-Sentence Wisdom
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
Vince Lombardi, Legendary Green Bay Packers Coach



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