Don’t Burn Out, Burn Bright

As a leader, if you aren't operating at peak efficiency and taking care of yourself, it is bound to catch up with you in a big way. You can fine-tune your leadership and organize your life so that you can become a high-capacity leader without the exhaustion and discouragement so many feel.

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The Come Back Culture

Everything equal, customers choose whether they will return based on the feeling they get when interacting with your brand. Great businesses know how to make a customer feel seen, understood, and valued. Those satisfied customers trust you more and come back--and they tell their friends.

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The Volunteer Survival Guide

Capable and reliable volunteers don't just happen. One of the most important aspects of inviting, training, and retaining good volunteers is being clear about expectations and being proactive when problems come up.

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The Volunteer Effect

Every ministry needs capable and reliable volunteers. This book is your start-up guide to inviting, leading, and retaining volunteers for your ministry. Your most effective volunteers are already in your church! Let this resource show you how to find--and keep--them.

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The Come Back Effect

The key to growth as a church or ministry is getting first-time guests to come back. The key to getting guests to come back is based on how they feel when they are there--welcomed, comfortable, and understood.

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The Table of Influence

The right voices in your life can influence the trajectory of your life. Successful people invest in healthy relationships and remain open to the wisdom of others. Imagine if the right people in your life could change everything for you.

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